Leann R. Diehl & Company


Lobbying -  Because Maine is a 'small' state, it's vital to maintain working relationships with both Democratic and Republican leadership and the rank & file.   Leann works hard to develop relationships on both sides of the aisle.  She also has a team of experts she can call upon to assist in hallway lobbying when additional resources may be helpful.

Strategic Communications - Leann's philosophy is that successful legislative advocacy often requires robust communications. She offers a full range of media and public relations services including message development & delivery, writing & placing Op-Eds & editorial board visits, social media, written material development, grassroots and grasstops & crisis communications.  

Spokesperson Training - After Leann works with you to develop key messages, she can enhance your ability to deliver those messages to varied audiences.  Her "Stay On Message" spokesperson training includes live video taping for "real" practice and feedback.  

Crisis Communications - Leann has years of experience in crisis communication.  She can create a crisis communications plan that will prepare you for any unexpected challenge.  Or she can help with messaging and response during a crisis.

Coalition Development - Building support by building partnerships adds a chorus to your voice and strengthens your position.  Leann has extensive experience in building coalitions for both regulatory and legislative issues.

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